Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sin City Flights. An innovative expansion or co-location/relocation for NBA or NHL

I would love this to be a two-town NBA or NHL franchise, shared between the city of Sin (Las Vegas) and Cincinnati.

I suppose Sin City Divided could be a catchy soccer name, but with the Columbus Crew in the heart of Ohio, I'd prefer an Ohio Divided MLS franchise playing at the likes of PBS and/or Browns stadium.

I don't care if the franchise would come from a failing defunct franchise to become this rebrand of travel-tag-team ingenuity.  I wouldn't even mind if this team took on the name of the Hoppers for a double entendre of beer or flightiness between these cities of casinos.  A model like this might be more acceptable if the Golden State Warriors were also to play in San Diego or the West Coast Coyotes also came to play in Seattle, but think of league alignment possibility in any sport. 
        2 sets of unique cheerleaders?  WNBA Showmen dancers?--->

I know it can get ridiculous.  The Cincinnati Reds were in the Western Division once upon a time not too long ago.  Cinci was the Queen City of the West in America and truly fit that sense until western expansion took us more robustly to the coast.  Distance decay and travel ingenuity facilitates a Las Vegas-Cincinnati team and rationale could lend itself to being aligned either central (an average), north, south, east or west.

They could do a year to year lease agreement.  This would have other cities like Kansas City (once a tag-team town with Omaha, Nebraska in the NBA, the KC-Omaha Kings), waiting in the wings for the chance of dismal attendance in the likes of Cincinnati.  Since there came to be no West Coast Clippers spending part-time in Seattle or Vegas, I see the same old song and dance.

"Cin City" emblazed across the chest while playing court in Ohio.  No Queen City indicated on a jersey for the Royals heritage or Prince Henry references necessarily necessary, but a fun thought nonetheless.

If any city could facilitate a travel-tag-team model and without a doubt afford to host the venue in top notch facilities, it's Vegas.  I envision the "Flight Deck" (an NBA/NHL arena) propped up off of the center field ridge of Las Vegas Gardens and the new 35,000 seat baseball gem.  Las Vegas could develop some dessert off of the strip to become a sports/apartment complex to house and lure each of the Big Five sports teams. 

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