Saturday, February 7, 2015

Columbus Crew C-Bus Cincinnati - A new Major League Soccer arrangement. MLS Expansion in general.

As a Cincinnatian, of course I wouldn't mind having my own Major League Soccer team.  But I want it to be successful.  And perhaps play could happen in a place outside of an existing structure such as Paul Brown Stadium some day.  But for now, I would enjoy sharing the C-Bus (Columbus) to visit Cinci from time to time.  But that would also mean about one game monthly in the Big Two City of Blue Jackets Crew.

I would love an expansion team in Ohio as a share.  Once a month for a match each in Cleveland and Cincinnati for a team named "Ohio Divided" sounds appropriate to me.  Two big stadiums are already set for play.  Throw Toledo in the mix with an absence of a Detroit franchise.

Off hand, in my opinion there are plenty of places in front of Cinci for a more feasible MLS spread.  Just like with the NBA I think Cincinnati ranks with Pittsburgh and St. Louis in landing a team, though I think St. Louis is likeliest of the bunch.  But first I see these places landing one:  Charlotte, Minnesota, central Texas (likely San Antonio), and Las Vegas.   There are other one horse towns like Oklahoma City and Sacramento or tumbleweeds like Omaha/Lincoln or Austin.  All of the leagues are eyeballing Vegas as a sweet (if not forbidden) fruit.  It's like a tumbleweed with Christmas lights and a strobe in the middle.

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