Monday, February 23, 2015

American City Metropolitans Major League Baseball Team Las Vegas. And National Football League Expansion.

I have so many examples I could use to combine a team in the pro sports with Las Vegas.  Plenty of them can be seen in my blog.  If any city can do it, it's Las Vegas.  And by combining, I mean a team that plays home games in two places.  Example:  the Oakland Athletics are struggling in business terms to get a new stadium.  Let Las Vegas build a stadium and rename the franchise the "West Coast Athletics".

That makes for more options among other gains such as apparel sales skyrocketing.  When you read this were you thinking about the Raiders, also?  Me too.  And I think about Portland, and how there is another baseball and football team in a matter of about 20 miles from Oakland.

Las Vegas already has a backdrop with Lady Liberty
The Mets Triple A affiliate is already there as the Area 51s.  Vegas already possesses a statue of liberty and a NYC backdrop on the strip.

Selfish NYC, share the Mets with Sin City.  Let them take a bite out of the Big Apple.  Compete for American affection on the same level as the Yankees or silly Cowboys do trying to lay claim as "America's Team", spanning the country.  Your minor league presence plus the Metros with a growing amount of series gradually barnstorming town could only increase fan growth.  And Met fans visitors.
Can you dig?  This Ohio girl might not.

NYC, consider the same thing with the Jets of Jersey.

Consider both Las Vegas and Portland for everything I just said.

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