Thursday, December 18, 2014

Milwaukee Bay in the NHL

You don't have the prowess of Green Bay without Milwaukee.  Green Bay Packer Backer Nation.

I like the ring to the name "Milwaukee Bay Backers".

The Milwaukee Admirals skate the area.  The town is with the Big 3.  But what about entry into the Big Four?  I enjoy the name of the " Bay Backers because it lays claim to Michigan's Lake namesake and could even insinuate claim to prime turf in Chicago.  And that sparks rivalry if I have ever heard one.  Or two.

So, if I can't have a share in the future of a Great Lakes named 
travel team, I like this for Milwaukee 
The Packers have part-timed in Milwaukee proper

UPDATE     UPDATE     UPDATE          JANUARY 2015

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Minor League Soccer. A Travel Team Representing Two Towns or more.

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