Monday, February 9, 2015

National Football League Expansion & Relocation. #NFLexpansion

Look at these cities:
Los Angeles, Portland, London, Louisville, Las Vegas, Birmingham'ish, Oklahoma City, the heart of Texas and Toronto and an additional 8 CFL cities.  17 places in all.  And I'm scheming it with only 2 additional teams.  17 part-time places.

Jacksonville and St. Louis.  I want to bid you bye-bye.  Yes, the LA Rams, and Jacktown maybe not all the way absent from the NFL the way I would have it.
I'm considering two-place teams.  Travel teams.  Home games are camp games.  Tag teams between two towns.  Playing in two places for home.  This would be 34 teams in the League and here is how I got it:
It's all about co-location... 

West Coast Raiders of Portland/Las Vegas

Norde Force playing throughout CFL Canada.                Preferably some relocation from Jacksonville
      and perhaps this is London's    team, too.

Southland:  Louisville and Birmingham      Jacksonville can be part of it.               Stallions?  Belles?

Mid-America Cattle Drive:  Oklahoma City & Austin/San Antonio (San Marcos) area      
or Barons or Mustangs? Or Midland Brand?  Sound catchy?

Whatcha think?     ( watch where you click because of the way the cocksuckers set up ads ) 
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