Friday, February 13, 2015

Monterrey Padres. The Pads [Pods] landing MLB in Mexico with a San Diego Share.

Wouldn't 20 MLB games for the San Diego Padres be awesome in a newly constructed Mexican baseball gem of a ball park?  Surely, our friends south of the border would think so.

A big league team having two homes is nothing brand spanking new.  The NBA's Kansas City-Omaha Kings called Missouri and Nebraska home before they moved to Sacramento.  Before the Padres place on a border town occurred to me, I thought that a struggling place with fans' butts sitting in the stands like Tampa could culminate into the Tampa-Monterrey Rays International Baseball Club.  And this is still my preference.  But in very recent history a business fact has planted itself into reality.  Television market money revenue is very important, and Tampa represents one of the largest pieces of this fact.  (  see:  TV Market Money More Important Than The Gate? ).

Still, whatever thoughts reside in Tampa, I don't have much hope for the organization getting thoughts of ingenuity, although I have to respect the future mountains to be scaled by the Rays marketing department.
Williamsport, PA little league World Series home would be a good model to be built on a bigger scale in Mexico

The Padres of Monterrey on a part-time basis could work wonders for MLB's expansion studies.

Monterrey is poised for a share in all but hockey.  I have talked about a Texas Divided franchise to compete with Dallas FC and the Dynamo.  That team as a travel-tag-team pairing for San Marcos, TX and Monterrey would be fun.  Any inconvenience in cost for two facilities could surely be offset from long term apparel sales for new found turf in camping the brand in more territory in name and place.
( Austin, Texas. MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL or MLS Next ????? Answer: #NHLExpansion )

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WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

               and wouldn't a Monterrey Madres be nice? 

Leave your comments.  Do you prefer the Monterrey Padres of San Diego 
or the Tampa- Monterrey Rays?

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