Monday, February 23, 2015

Any of the Big Five Sports Leagues Could Fail

Or wane.

And the most sure way that this can happen is to think that it cannot happen.

Intersecting business and politics is the reality of it all.

It's hard to imagine it now.  Many men like manly distractions and deer hunting can be hard and patient work.  Politics glazes over many o' eyeballs.   And as time goes on, options increase.

The NFL is absent from Los Angeles, where there are two baseball, basketball, soccer and essentially hockey teams.  I've seen a lot of chatter about people who could care less about Sunday football in the second largest city in America.  Some of the bickering is about the communist National Football League not wanting to invest in itself with much other than the taxpayer's money.  I mean, after all, they are a Non-profit! (?). 

The NBA is absent from plenty of major league cities like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Seattle.  The business of it all can be a turn-off.  What about when borderline illiterate athletes are paid to play in college (in one way or another)?  I'm for the health care but what about when it goes beyond that?  Endorsement deals and sweet sales jobs out of NCAA ball could be the mountain top if professional gladiator football were to fall out of favor.  Perhaps we will discover the amount of hits a body can take is more finite than we think.  Colleges aren't private entities.  Citizens as stock holders in varied degrees is debatable.

If Cincinnati or Seattle had to choose between the NBA or NHL, I bet the NHL would win out.
And I bet Pittsburgh and especially St. Louis (with all of the blatantly hints of same old racist parent-child-like stupidity going on) could care less about having big league basketball's skewed demographics to represent their cities.
I believe it is called "real talk".  Am I wrong?


College ball has legions of football and basketball to compete with big leagues.

Domestic abuse from Gladiators.  Idiotic, millionaire, rebellious babymama dramatic behavior might start to turn off people that start to have economic distractions and woes of their own.  When polygamist rights officially takes to the forefront much like reproductive relations and responsibility takes place today in a culture that likes to talk about how "it takes a village", behaviors on an individual level, especially those of the rich, will fall under tighter scrutiny.  Twitterrazzi goin to get better or worse?

People that seemingly have 100 word vocabularies to show for their attendance at UCLA or A&M can start to grate on a population that will hopefully get smarter as the years go on.  Perhaps the collegiate level will require more for its attendance other than that in the seats and some television power ranking.

Who can afford to concentrate their affections with hockey.  ... In the era of investing in the one-sport athlete.  ... Year 'round?  Where ice easily melts?  And stuff like equipment and ice still cost money?

In Cincinnati, we're endeared to Pete Rose, but he's not necessarily who'd I would want to parade around in front of some hot girlfriend I happened to land from Standford'.  I appreciated his hustle and heart on the field; not so much admiration for his brain for much outside of Cincinnati streets or the diamond.

The thoughts of gladiator disaffection could creep into MLB attendance figures.  People like an excuse to get outside and this bodes well for baseball.  We like to take some mental breaks in the sway of the pastime slow breeze in front of the television.  And we like something to keep our mind going while stuck inside the house.  And more and more, after the kiddos tackle the soccer field for football a new major league is burgeoning and we can turn the kids to watch those pros play after the wee ones' own scrimmages.

The sure thing is that things do change.

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