Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MLB Columbus. Cincinnati Reds of Ohio. Cleveland Indians of Indianapolis. MLB Indianapolis

A diversity of baseball fans and MLB franchise embrace live within the open arms of Indiana and Columbus.

Were more regular season Major League Baseball games to take place in the capitals of Ohio and Indiana, more Indians and Reds hats would be claimed.

Columbus is in the middle of two MLB teams, and other sports.  It's middle ground.
Same for Indianapolis as it lies arguably within Cubs, Cardinals and Reds territory, mostly.  The Indianapolis Indians are affiliated with the pesky Pirates.

Ignoring money as an issue for a moment, and forgetting the sold out usage of Triple-A baseball stadiums, pretend that the Reds built a 25-30k seat ball park in Columbus.  The Clippers could use it.  The community could use it.  The Buckeyes could use it.  It could be built for multi-usage, from concerts to picnics.

And let's say the Reds commit 4 homestands there.  Let's say it's a huge success and this embassy is showing significant revenue in apparel sales for Cincinnati.  Well, even in an imagination where money isn't so much of the issue, let's say that it's not very practical for the Indians to counter in Columbus with such another stadium.  Perhaps they just do 4 homestands at the Clippers park (currently their minor league affiliate).  Perhaps they just do two premiere stints a year there.

And perhaps Cleveland could make a bolder expedition.  They could do two bad ass home stints camping at the Clippers and then build a 25-30k seat place in Indy, thumbing their nose at apparel and affection for the Cubs and Cardinals as well as the Reds.

Me thinks before this kind of glutenous money is more a reality than imaginable, Indianapolis will already have that MLB squad they've been dreaming about.  Spitballin'.

What do you think about ideas like this and my tag-travel-team ideas in the blog (ie. West Coast Athletics playing half of their games in Las Vegas) ??? 

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