Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Carolina MLS Team for now a Fiction

The Carolina Company sound like a good name?

Or could a team stationed in the Triangle or Charlotte be called the Crown, Charter or Carolina United?  I knew a gent whose son played on a junior travel team based in North Carolina and I've heard the buzz about soccer in the area is big.  Though I might be outdated, I know the college level stuff in those parts is top notch American.

I'd venture to guess that San Antonio and Charlotte probably have the nation's highest buzz at all levels of soccer development.  Sacramento, please forgive my ignorance if I left you out in the cold for that guess.  It's not so much a question of for these areas as it is for win or when.

For the record, I like my idea of a Charlotte-Nashville share better, in the form of Appalachian Bootleggers United.  The trail is there.  Playing in existing stadiums suits me fine or to buy time.  Here's how I get my bearings:

I'm fairly confident Carolina will be part of the 30 team league.

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