Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Relocate the Raiders, Rams, Chargers and Jaguars (when you can)

There are four cities to be pissed off at me.
But there are more to love.

Yes, Los Angeles.  No duh.  But a team; not teams.



Las Vegas      



Oklahoma City

I suppose San Antonio could be on this map.  A lot of Texas going on, so I really don't care that much.  Could San Diego's team(s) move there?  Yes, I was even talking about the Padres, but deep down I know SA is a Triple-A baseball town although I'd prefer the Marlins here as opposed to where they're at, and most especially something to the effect of the San Antonio Rays (if not Nashville or Charlotte or even OKC).  Texas Oilers?  But I digress???  It's a thought-tree blog.  All apologies.  I'll continue to rain more leaves as I blog along.

BUT, I'm thinking this.  Change the Chargers into the Oilers, but in Oklahoma.
Move the Rams to Portland and Las Vegas.  Call them the West Coast Rams.
Los Angeles Raiders again.

I'd love the Jaguars to go extinct with a move to either Toronto as the Nord Force (North Mounties) or as the Louisville brand I dream of, the Kentucky Downs.  Click below:
Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville 
Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team

Whose left?  Salt Lake City, Boise, San Antonio in saturated Texas.
Some would wish and rumble (as I have indicated somewhat possible) Albuquerque and other stretches like Little Rock, Omaha, Memphis and Norfolk.  Did I overlook anyone else like a billionaire investor would?

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