Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Future of CFL Expansion/Relocation. In America?

And let's do this.  Let's not revisit a franchise from the previously failed American ones.
That's leaves out Shreveport, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Sacramento, Memphis and Birmingham.

And yes, it's tempting for me to utilize names I have considered in posts like my minor league football one ( Imagine some Minor League Football Affiliations)   It's a pastime, like hotstove heartbreak recovery for a Bengals loss.
But anyway, here's me throwing some out there on the side of new turf.

Portland (Oregon) Trucking
Salt Lake City Union
Oklahoma (City) Oilers
I like the ol' Omaha Nighthawks UFL brand. Nebraska Nighthawks alliteration.
The Boise Band
Hartford or Albany Colonials
I like the idea of West Virginia Power
Southern Railroad in Jackson, Mississippi?
Dakota Cattlemen
Kansas Cavalry or vice versa with Dakota ("Cavalry Dakota" has a ring to it, but maybe political sensitivities ring also)
Iowa Express
Arkansas Racers
Delaware Demolition
Virgina Warriors or Ranchers
Highwaymen sounds fantastic.  Who gets that?  Austin?
Santa Fe Express?  New Mexico Natives?  Railroad

Touching Down on NFL regions or very much bordering

Toledo Torpedoes
Michigan Express
Kentucky Downs
St. Louis Stallions
New Jersey Barons or Landlords.  Get it?
San Diego Fleet (if them Chargers bounce)
The following is an excerpt from my blog talk on CFL Expansion 

I'd like to see Toronto (or more) come into the NFL.  The CFL expanding at the same time as the NFL would be neat.  Portland in the west and Toronto hubbing in the east could be the newest of 34 teams.  I know the CFL doesn't want to be neither a de facto minor league system or expansion testing grounds for the NFL.  But the issue of American CFL expansion teams is likely to be a matter of decades apart.  And now, the CFL is just 9 teams.  I'd at least urge something like a Louisville team now.
Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team

But anyway, if the city that the CFL is expanding to would seem to be on the horizon or cusp for being an NFL consideration, I suggest this stipulation for such a CFL franchise to suit the portability in a universal fashion.  Let me say this:  Portland for expanding into the CFL.  The name:  Trucking.  After all, Baltimore got their Ravens move pretty fast after claiming an American cup, so yeah, the thoughts are there.  Could the Stallions have moved on to St. Louis instead of those Rams in '95?
If Portland Trucking needed a relocationProblem solved:  Las Vegas Trucking, Salt Lake City Trucking.  Insert Trucking.
If you had to gamble your life on "will this be an NFL city and leave the CFL in 10 years" stipulate the expansion with the tag of "Trucking".
Company sounding official domain names like Trucking, Power, Steel, Public Works, Police, Fire, Brigade, Battalion, Fleet are pretty universal, if not fixed (stationary) or portable (mobile).

Could the CFL cash in on some outliers and outlanders?  Would they embrace my travel-tag-team model, for a better territory, best?  I'll lump in a few of my regional powerbrand selections in a post soon to come.

If you have ideas big or tiny, give me a shot.  What do you think?

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Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks

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