Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oklahoma-Omaha City Aces. A Logistical Major League Baseball Brand

Let's talk about some of the lesser talked-abouts.  

In the heart of America, we have our world champion or world series champion Kansas City Royals.
And frankly, the ratings don't make the major league baseball networkage' the most pleased.  Small market is small market.  Money wants the most money.  There's something to be said of being humble.

The most talked about of the lessers is San Antonio.  And we have to be careful of talking about baseball in warm places, like we should with Florida.  Or places with pleasant weather with other stuff to do to get out more.  And resort places like Orlando and Las Vegas.

In other parts along middle America we have the Astros, Dallas's Rangers and crowned northmost by Minnesota.

aesthetics, asstetics
Oklahoma-Omaha City Pilots sound like a good two-town team?  Or Aces?  Could that work?  Omaha has been a part time town before.  It was in the NBA in the 1970s.  It's in my blog and out in cyberspace.  Omaha and KC aren't 180 miles apart.  OKC to KC is about twice that. 

450 miles separate the O-towns.  Two 30k stadiums could be made into charming and multi-faceted endeavors for their markets.  Use your imagination.  It could be coined a "midland" brand.  "Cattle Drive" sounds nifty.

Even with the OO brand, the gap in the center of America would be central Texas with San Antonio and the big up and comer of Austin, which are close enough to Houston (150ish miles).  And the Texas name is ranged also so there's no dire beckoning.  A cattle drive assortment of some or all of the above-mentioned towns could be subscribed to, of course, if economically feasible somehow.

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