Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's say 32 Minor League Teams for NFL

Let's say 32 Minor League (Developmental) Teams for NFL
I have mentioned about a minor league system that Trent Dilfer of ESPN thought about before.  I left the option of the minor league team being able to use the NFL facilities for games, also.

But for this exercise of spreading pro football to more cities, I won't co-locate them with the mothership or same city.

Some already good team names are located within the following blog post:

Imagine some Minor League Football Affiliations and Brands. Part II, In or Outside the Big League City

Realistically, with an NFL Nations Map, these teams would have to be in cities within those very television regional sports networks.  I may choose to ignore this reality.

Boise Blues
Salt Lake City Bikers                
Portland Mountains
Las Vegas Showtime
Reno Truckers
Sacramento Emperors
Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernadino) Railroad
Albuquerque Ranchers
Santa Fe Express
El Paso Posse

San Antonio Rodeos
Austin Riders
OKC Cattle Drive
Little Rock Bulldozers
Omaha Athletes
Des Moines Iowans
Milwaukee Reindeers'
St. Louis (tee hee) Showmen
Memphis Militia
Louisville (Kentucky Downs)

Jackson, (Mississippi Southern Bells)
Birmingham Bamaman
Charleston, (West Virginia Power)
Columbia, SC (South Carolina Party Crashers)
Newport News Reporters
Albany Highwaymen
Hartford Index
Dayton Pumas
Canton Pittbulls
Monterrey, Mexico Matadors
Witchita Homesteaders
Delaware Daredevils
You know what?  Not St. Louis.  Cheyenne, WY:  Wyoming Ranchers

See any NFL geographic relationships in here?  Do you think affiliation is even important, farm system-wise or geographically?  If the farm system were slot-based and a pool for the entire league you obviously wouldn't need 32 teams and the league formation wouldn't resemble a pro-am for the first handful of years.

Interesting thoughts and questions pop into mind.  Would universities eventually get to the point where athletes with lower GPAs would be discouraged from attending college altogether?   Would this negate a sense of input/output as it so happens to be with affirmative action?

Would the NFL benefit by a more militaristic training approach with concerns to distractions by having the minor league system overseas.  Remember NFL Europe?  Would practice squad members fine tune their skills at the likes of Panama or Brazil in the late Winter/early Spring?

Would there be de facto minor league relationship with the CFL once Canada lands the NFL?

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