Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just a Thought: What if a Cincinnati Canadian Football League Team?

Lately, the Bengals have lent a little more of my time to this thought.
And this is just a fun little hometown boy exercise for me.  Gun-to-my-head what-would-you-do sort of thing.  I might suspend reality or deal with what I have to work with.

What would it be named?  We'll get there.
Where it would play shouldn't be up for heated debate actually.  Ya' know, with the taxpayers paying for a big stadium and all.  But for snips and wiggles, what if a 20k seat facility was built for the football program at Mount St. Joseph or Cinci Christian U.?  A new consolidated high school OHSAA football/soccer stadium in I-75 around Butler/Warren County could happen.  The CFL team could help anchor down the finances and inspire the build.

Sure, everything I'm saying may pretty much not be feasible today.  But just go with it.  Fun times.

Cincinnati Celtics?  We have had a Celts before.
Cincinnati was built on many o' Irish and German emigration. 
The Cincinnati Earthlings sound good?  "Americans" too polarizing or political?  Planetarians?

Cincinnati Brigade with a firetruck theme?  That's cool.  Queen City Brigade 
I like Blue Collars too.
Cincinnati Eagles in the CFL.

Kingsmen, Knights, Bucks, Union, Rivermen
Ohio Railroad, Cinci Masters, Racquets, Boatsman, Tide, Warbirds, Traders, :

Tell me something good, Cincinnatians.

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