Sunday, January 24, 2016

Great Lakes SC. Major League Soccer. By Popular Demand?

Why doesn't MLS take a national poll?  Slap it on the website.

The drive from Syracuse, New York to Milwaukee is about 770 miles and would surely encompass a territory or claim larger than New England or the Golden State.

As of now, Rochester, through Cleveland, Toledo, to Detroit and Milwaukee don't have the MLS brands.  Neither do Indianapolis or Cincinnati.  Or Erie.  Or South Bend and on and on in the region.  There are a lot of medium sized cities.  Wouldn't it be nice for places like this or even Athens and Dayton Ohio to have MLS show up?  A major league drive but more like a 15 minute drive.  At least once a year.  Be nice.  There are plenty of suitable facilities in place.  And why should a financial investment that the league is worry about weighing itself down on unsure bets on a slab of wet concrete?  Sure, they could be slow.  Or they could market fast.  And toe tap with the fans face to face and see for themselves.

Let's face it, soccer needs to become more popular in the US.  Television can help that for sure.  But to see it up close is different.  If it's not a Dayton or Cinci ride for me,...I'm not looking for excuses to drive to C-Bus to peak (or peek) at the Crew.  I don't love it enough for an excuse or gas money.  Not yet anyway.  Sorry, I wasn't playing soccer as a kid.  I was fixated on the other Major League and they were all over the place and always with me when not physically a couple miles away.

The rightful claims to lakes are most poignant for big houses in Cleveland to Detroit to Milwaukee.  Indianapolis and Cincinnati scream out a little too.  The Rochester Syracuse soccer region are most deserving.  I can't make up my mind for just two selections if a Great Lakes team played camp once a month in two towns.  What about you?

Great Lakes FC, SC, Fleet Feet or something'orother. 
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