Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Can Dallas be the Next Two-Team Town in Baseball?

There are already a handful of towns with two teams.  NY, Chi and LA.  And for all intents and purposes, the butted areas of the Bay and D.C. are also.

For awhile, teams named California or Florida coexisted with other teams existed in cities of their respective states.  And the Astros are in Houston in some Ranger Country claim.  Maybe, like I've said awhile ago, the Rangers could just part-time it down nearer their two big cities down the road, the town of the Alamo and the other being their bustling and growing capital city.

So, what if San Antonio-Austin gets a team?  Can we have another Texas?  Why not.  I'm sure folks in Albany and Buffalo are Yankees or Mets fans.  It's not necessarily the New York City Mets or anything.

What would we name another team in Dallas?  Of course it would have to be a National League team.  That's a no-brainer since the 'Stros moved into the American League next to the Rangers.
The Dallas Lone Stars?

What would we name a Central Texas MLB team?  Central Texas Tornadoes?  Texas Country Cattlemen?  How would you feel if your dad was killed in a tornado or your mom was killed by a Tiger or your mom shot in a drug raid by Texas Rangers?
Lone Star Rattlers?  Cowboys?  Ranchers.  Would a "Hill Country Rider" brand apparel appeal beyond the stretches of Texas to riders of all sort and outlanders outside of metro areas throughout the country?

What do you think?  Are you kind of like me and think that Oklahoma City would get a midland nod before 3 is a crowd in Texas?  In another two team expansion or some kind of relocation to you see the likes of Charlotte and Nashville or even Indianapolis landing big baseball before?  Will a relocation land in Austin or Montreal and Portland first?

Head for Hill Country?
It is a mind exercise that will only be proven as a marathon apparently.  A brand new home and brand change from the Rays, Marlins or A's seems more like a news tease than business actual, especially for Austin and San Antonio coexisting with Houston and Dallas.

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