Monday, January 11, 2016

The Time when Alaska gets a Big League Team

Maybe it's a fun thought for Alaskonians.  Alaskans, I meant.

I can only think of one name for it: the Admirals.

I know of the Aces.  They beat my team before to the Kelley Cup or some such.  But "Admirals" commands more respect and admiration, right?  If a world class rink (colliseum) is built on a tanker ship,  I believe that'd be all the rage from Anchorage to Sitka.  I have beckoned West Coast brands before.  Such achievement could be had, docking in Portland and Seattle.  Wouldn't a Northern Lights NHL be an awesome powerbrand?
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See way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the footballs, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog. Contribute to the pages to the right and comment below.  There's chatter like having a re-incarnated Whalers team in Hartford as well as Norfolk being shared between both towns, and two towns or more in each of the 5 major team the West Coast Clippers, Tampa-Monterrey Rays, West Coast Raiders and Appalachia United Bootleggers.



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