Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Should the Milwaukee Bucks Relocate? If so, where?

As with many other ideas and spoutings on my blog, I don't care if it's not going to happen.  Like the Rays or Jags.  I don't.  I'm kind of stating the obvious amid the realities.  And so if they get their arena, congrats to all the Brewers fans too.  Packerbackin', too, if that's their thing.

Louisville Bucks have a ring to it?
Nashville Bucks.
I'm a Cinci guy, so I'd go for the Cincinnati Bucks.  I'd open my arms to them with a picture of John Candy on front of the jerseys if that was the deal.  Kansas City has a suitable arena already built as Cinci is doing an adequate renovation to our existing arena.  I'm skipping over Cardinals fans.  And the Rams fans there are surely not buddying up to me.  Could we just share time between Brewers and Reds country and call them the Northland Bucks?  It happened decades ago between Kansas City-Omaha as the Kings.  Wouldn't a Northland Bucks unite a larger swath of apparel sales, and in name, fill in some NBA gaps?  Even in only a name-change, yes.  I know television market agreements make it complicated.  Cable channels are choice though.

Birmingham Bucks or 'Bama Bucks sounds like music to some ears I'm sure.  Baltimore is saturated by D.C., so sorry there.  Buffalo is another ring.  What about the North Country Bucks playing in Montreal and Vancouver, splitting time?  I could see the league landing them in Seattle, Sonicbucks or whatever.  Albuquerque Bucks?  Omaha?  Little Rock?  Hunters just up and becoming NBA fans?

With convention and being the considerate fellow that I am, I'd look heavily into the Louisville landing.

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