Friday, January 15, 2016

Out of Bounds, but the Penguins and Hurricanes are up For Sale...

So, yeah, I'm going to play mind games.  For one, because it's Pittsburgh.  I'm not saying one group of mercenarial' thugs is better than another.  But Pitt is dirty.

So....where would I move the Penguins?  I'd split them in two.  And rename them.  And Pittsburgh would get to see the Penguins fly byes.  They be called:
North Coast Penguins of Cleveland and Milwaukee
or Great Lakes

With Great Lakes brand, thoughts could be cast down canal to Indianapolis and Cinci, at least from time to time.

Okay, okay.  None of this is going to happen.  And it's not even anything necessarily close to a wish for me.  But what then with the 'Canes?  I'd do another joint venture way out to the northwest for Portland and Seattle.  Not sure if I'd include that hussy...Las Vegas.  How does this sound?:
West Coast Waves

These are variations of combinations (combo'nations) I have blogged about before.
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