Sunday, January 3, 2016

NFL: 50 States and 32 Nations?

Many Americans can have a hooting and hollering time for football and Saturdays and Sundays.  Some people can have a lot more with some Fridays for their high schools from places Cincinnati to Carolina, to the stretches of Texas and California.  And some schools don't have enough player to field a team.

Between the NFL and NCAA television coverage, everyone has a team.  And I do know folks who are strictly college football fans.  I don't care if TCU did pull it off in a bowl game, I'd still be pissed about having a practically braindead quarterback pretending that he's a college student.  But the thing about college, very very new rosters in a few years.

Is the below map good to you?

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Is there that much NFL incest or Romeo and Juliet stuff going on in SEC country?
I seriously doubt it.  Maybe one day, Louisville will be about to tout a Kentucky named team.  Ditto for Birmingham and Alabama.
( Next Major League City: NBA and NFL Got Louisville Next )
( NFL in Alabama )

And Portland would surely love something to call their own.
West Coast Raiders has a ring to it.  What about exhibition in Las Vegas and their house in Oregon?
( Portland for NFL, MLB and NHL )  That West Coast name would kill it in apparel sales.

Am I missing any turf?

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