Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brits with Soccer (Real Foot Ball) and Rugby. Americans Snuck Feetball

But that's okay.  To where some refer to as the mothership or land of cousins, football will be dually' debated in Great Britain again.

Which one is the real football?  Can it be answered with "per capita" in world context, or simply settled with the adjective "Colonial" or "American"?  Or what about the frequency being the actual foot coming into contact with the ball?

Bear with me further for this paragraph as I wax poetic bloviation off my chest:  This debate of rugby and (football or) soccer colliding to become football, with the latter (the punt, the extra point) sometimes being an exclamation point, ......many times by the littlest guy of all the battle (the kicker), as our breaths are bated and our emotions hinged on the David's phalanges (dodging the Goliaths)..... or some sort of excuse or gross misjudgment (the inept part-time ref!  Cheatgate!).  Oh, man drama!

Balls collide with Feet
Playing instead of watching is the gladiator.  Our distraction.  The lion inside us overcome.  A man drama of angst that evokes familiarity, these sports, these battles, even in a newfound mankind hubbub of feasting and peace on the timeline of mankind.  Our sports.  We the warrior hasbin!  Hath battled, unarmed, far back as a child with a mind trumpet in civil wars and battles with neighbors having grown up with the wisdom now as a coach.  Or a couch!  Our fearlessness on display if we so choose!  I am the Lion, the Tiger or the Bear, suited up in jersey, pronounced.  Beckoning the gloves off, and a slap to the shirtless warpaint at the frontlines upon choice or by proxy (television) and my own command of war chest.  We control our sleeper cell, inspired yet nobody commands us, and sometimes our fun is a house divided.  Mankind or the mercenary to blame for this display.
Sorry, I did it again.  The coffee!, I sayeth!  Nothing about cricket or baseball now either.

Do you see football in London soon?  I have heard rumblings or murmurs of 5 games in London and 3 in Manchester as an idea.  According to my camping theme of sports teams, this is a great way for expansion.

Sophie Victoria Reade
Was Jacksonville a setup this entire time?  Or was the thought of Orlando enough as a lifeboat?  An investment for down the road (or across the pond)?  A triangle in resort Florida and tipped to a Navy and veteran transplant town, however nice it may be?  Granted, Floridian football attendance may not be quite as pronounced as the MLB fiasco.  But I just wonder about that expansion two decades ago that smothered together in SEC country.  Or is it plainly having more camps for the rich to philander, like an expansion to somewhere like.....I don't know, Vegas?

London the financial or capital of the planet, a hub for the next leap.  It's the stuff of $60 million salaries in a world of doers, watchers and sales.  Both footballs will be bettered.

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