Saturday, January 2, 2016

Next Major League City: NBA and NFL Got Louisville Next

The thoughts and odds are with Vegas.  At least for hopes with hockey.  And with hoops if they're lucky.  Got them an arena in the works.

In the Bigs, Kentucky isn't claimed by their own right.  And Louisville is the logical choice.  Hockey and baseball are on the outs.  But the weekly football is not.  And neither is the passion for basketball.  There seems to be large consensus for Louisville in the east for the next NBA expansion.

New Orleans might be considered sexier in the American lexicon than Kentucky and Louisville.  Enough Americans might not know Louisville (enough) yet.  It's closer to 1.5 million people than in New Orleans and we know about the Saints and Pelicans.  But those in the know know that Louisville is ready to burst more onto the fields and court.  Good luck to you, Lou'.  Can't wait till the NBA skips to Lou.

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