Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CFL Expansion: Michigan Gatekeepers, Ohio Torpedoes and Kentucky Downs

I could see the Michigan and other franchises leasing existing stadiums for their play in the Canadian Football League.
I would like to see the Torpedoes in Toledo, Ohio-named or otherwise.  24 miles separates an option of a 26k seat facility or a 28k one within the Toledo to Bowling Green collegiate stadium drive.
Before I have talked about the Kentucky Downs in Louisville (Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville)
Sure, I'm cognizant of a not overly joyous economy for Detroit's surroundings and the reality of exchange rates.  I'm not sure Toledo will embrace the Torpedoes as a brand to usher them in as a NFL hopeful one day and that day being ahead of Columbus.  If the team felt the need to regroup a brand of lulls in Toledo, they could co-locate and camp around other towns that crave more ....or other football.  I wouldn't mind watching Ohio's Army (Navy) or Fleet take on some Roughriders.  Gives me something else to be pissed off about other than the Bengals mercenaries.  Nothing to say for Browns fans.  Maybe ditto for Lions and Wolverines fans.

I'd like to see Toronto (or more) come into the NFL.  The CFL expanding at the same time as the NFL would be neat.  Portland in the west and Toronto hubbing in the east could be the newest of 34 teams.  I know the CFL doesn't want to be either a de facto minor league system or expansion testing grounds for the NFL.  But the issue of American CFL expansion teams parting ways for a bigger audience is likely to be a matter of decades apart.  And now, the CFL is just 9 teams.  I'd at least urge something like a Louisville team now.  And hey, more American viewership of CFL will hurt the CFL somehow?  How?  Or is the NFL more interested in monopoly or crazy tariffs?

Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team

But anyway, if the city that the CFL is expanding to would seem to be on the horizon or cusp for being an NFL consideration, I suggest this stipulation for such a CFL franchise in order to suit the portability of name in a universal fashion.  Let me say this:  Portland and any other iffy name for expanding into the CFL.  The name:  Trucking.
If Portland Trucking needed a relocation, problem solved:  Las Vegas Trucking, Salt Lake City Trucking.  Insert Trucking.  If you had to gamble your life on "will this be an NFL city in 10 years" stipulate the expansion with the tag of "Trucking".

Gun to your head.  Expand now.  Plan B for the fun of it.  Make it work in your mind.

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