Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NFL Team Owners: World Class Stadiums are Bullshit.

I'll just air out a few rumble-mumblings.

A great many of us watch the games on television.
Those on the front lines and the gates do deserve a lot.  They're already paying a lot.  But the beer price is inflated.  And so is the price of going.  It was never even a question as to whether we could afford to go as a family in the 80s and 90s.  Okay, I won't start crying for a tiny second.

And for those that don't watch sports at all, why are they paying for a stadium?
This economic river that is the NFL creating tributaries is an overblown argument.  It's kind of a bullshit argument.  Show me the numbers.  Sure, the stats can't all be captured, and big league cities have an allure, even maybe not admitted corporately. 

Use Stadiums that Already Exists
Let's face it, using a stadium that already has 60,000 seats, boasted at the nearest university will do for spectating what's on the field.  It's ecologically sound and yadda ya and blah blah blah.  At least it fits in with my two-town argument,...anyway

Dear Owners and National Football League:
Some of you make some kind of monetary payout like 60 million bucks for an executive's annual salary, whilst not even taking to the field.  Either way, I can stop the argument right now if you pay for your own damn stadiums for your own damn collective profits.

In the meantime, I suppose the benchmark of compromise in handling the dollar realities of this cathedral matter is in greater Dallas:  Arlington blitzing through its stadium debt faster than expected l

My point is this:  The glitz and glamour are at odds in football.  Putting a band-aid on a head wound only works some of the time and lavish box seats sometimes seem a little Roman in the blue collar realm.   You're spreading the love alright, but share it with the little guy in more places is all I'm saying.

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