Monday, January 11, 2016

My Big League and Minor League Town. THE Queen City

Since my pro football team comprised of SEC love and transwhoopi-lookin' premature gyrating millionaires lost a game with some rightful excuses or not, I have to do something fun and re-remember some of the pro sports and college fun here in Cincinnati.  And by "some", I mean I didn't graduate from Miami, Ohio State or Xavier.  My town arguably has the two most important big dances and so I should be happy.

and Soccer.

In that order:              College Ball since 1990  est 2015
History flashes me the Mighty Ducks and NBA Royals, among others.

Nights like Saturday, made me wonder if I would trade my AFC-NFL team for an American League baseball expansion team.  It's silly (business-wise and expansion vacancy-wise (ie. Charlotte, Montreal, Portland)), but oh well, there's snow outside.  So I'm going to get loosey goosey with an imaginative mind exercise:

I'll abolish or trade away the Bengals for an American League team and fantasy of a Queen City World Series (no, sorry, not you Charlotte).
Queen City Monarchs or just Cincinnati Monarchs?  I'd take the Blue Sox.  Green Sox.   Whatevs.
Ohio Troops?  A stadium on the north side of Cinci?

Oh, in a crazier world, but most befitting solution, could I have another Cinci team and have it in the NFC?  Easier to get fans in the stands for weekly venues.  What to call that team......:  Ohio Barons.  Football Redlegs.  Fightin' Farmers.  Ranchers.   I might have to revisit this.

Well, before any of this, sure I'd take an NHL team in town.  I'd think about an NBA team.  MLS?, sure.  I'd almost take a Cinci minor league team in baseball or something else, even if some are already up the road and down the river like Dayton and Louisville.  Another question comes to mind.  Wouldn't a hometown team with all hometown (like Reds Country players) be awesome?  Represent. Any Ohioans or Kentuckians with thoughts?

Too snobby for the Minor Leagues?

Re-coin the Florence Freedom the Tri-State Freedom Riders
New NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville. Tri-State
An NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Kansas City? The Arenas will be Ready

Ohio United. Or call it an Ohio Divided Team. Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex   

If ever MINOR League Baseball in Cincinnati 

A good name for the newest Cincinnati team 

Eyeing Major League Soccer. A Cincinnati Goal
Transteleportation of Sports Spectatorship 
Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal

                                                See your place in the Index Key

See way more talk of expansion, co-location and relocation of franchises for the footballs, baseball, basketball and hockey on my blog. Contribute to the pages to the right and comment below.  There's chatter like having a re-incarnated Whalers team in Hartford as well as Norfolk being shared between both towns, and two towns or more in each of the 5 major team the West Coast Clippers, Tampa-Monterrey Rays, West Coast Raiders and Appalachia United Bootleggers.



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