Friday, January 29, 2016

Cincinnati Basketball Bengals. When NBA ...MLS or NHL comes to the Queen City Jungle

Talk about badass uniforms and alliteration.

Blah blah blah, Football Giants and Cardinals.  They can be beat alliterately' with the
Cincinnati Basketball Bengals.

And something more for Cincinnati to look forward to.  Hopefully.  This is just a part of my Cincinnati Kid daydreaming series.  I'm not salivating for the NBA.  I don't miss the Royals.  They were before I was born.  I have X and UC with Miami, Dayton and Ohio State being a stretch.

I'd prefer the NHL.  Outside of Louisville and inside of Ohio, I'd truly vote for an NBA team to be housed in the Dayton area, which is within reach of Columbus and very within reach of Cincinnati.  Naturally they'd be an Ohio named team, something to the tune of Ohio Flights.  Thinking of a sick joke, ...they could be called the Owls playing at the old Riverfront Coliseum if you think about the Who concert.

If but when the Queen City of Cincinnati lands the grounder of major league level soccer....  What's the name?  FC Queen City?  The Saints had a ring to it for their time.  Ohio Divided sounds gloriously like a sarcastic American thing.  Moving along ... .

For a big time hockey brand, I'd love some split time for a Great Lakes named team between Cincinnati and Cleveland and even more appropriately in Indianapolis/Milwaukee.  But what when a Queen City team?  Hockey Bengals is awkward anyway you picture it. 
Cincinnati Diesel sounds like something.  That's some universal apparel.  Picture that exhaust from screaming fans.  Damnation, if I don't mention the alliteration in some kind of Dakota Diesel brand.

The broader state of business counters realities right now to be in the likes of the Dakotas.  But look at the beautiful arena upgrades in cities like Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Cincinnati for the likes of the NBA or NHL expansion/relocation.
Remember the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks?  US Bank Arena (Riverfront Coliseum is getting a big league upgrade).
Rumors on the electrified wire are bluffs concerning the Raiders being a Las Vegas brand.  And Seattle reinvigorating their talk of being a new house in the league. Seattle Metropolitans again?

What do you think about any or all of this?
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