Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Did the Clippers Cause Sky High Prices for Carolina et al? Buying on emotion

The Carolina Hurricanes are up for sale.  Sports-wise, all the price tags are up.  Were they artificially inflated by billionaires for billionaires.

So it got me thinking about Clippers riding such waves or the ship causing such conditions (hurricanes).

People buy on emotion.

And a price is whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

And someone said, "it's mine for a BILLION", and proceeded to drop mic.

The second fiddle sold for a billion dollars?

The Clippers?!  Are they a metastasized shift for the worldwide franchises in sports?  

They're not even the Lakers.

The Canadian money is looney right now.  In other words, teams in the states here are at an advantage according to the exchange rate.  How easily can a wave crash or a penguin float on such conditions?  It makes the money look better for a puck landing in Seattle.   Just stirring the thought pot.

I have a couple points.  People buy on emotion and multi-billions can buy.  TV ratings are more important than ticket sales.  That bodes well for the likes of you, Arkansas.

And since I love to indulge in relocation/colocations I have alternatives for an abandoned Pittsburgh and disappearance from the Carolina Triangle:  Allow me to indulge, even in unlikelihoods.
click: Out of Bounds, but the Penguins and Hurricanes are up For Sale...
Where's a suitable landing sport for a hurricane?
Supposedly, or aesthetically there are some towns already in the mind of many:  Seattle, Portland and lake towns, though saturated (most cities in sports are), like Cleveland and Milwaukee are if anything, good backup plans for the NHL.  Toronto has greater room.  Stretching out in Ontario is a safe bet, even safer than a gamble in Northwest Arizona, aka Las Vegas.  Quebec City and Toronto Two beckon NHL's claim of a four team expansion.

Stripper in Portlandhttps://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/portland/best-strip-clubs-in-portland

Here's my thought-tree:  The Hurricane "C" doesn't need modification if moved to Cleveland or Cincinnati.  And/or Cincinnati.  Think about that Great Lakes brand I've blogged about to part-time in the likes of Indianapolis, especially with concerns to an east coast balance in NHL division alignment.  Or:  East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two Place Team in the NHL
Could that be the relocation for Carolina?  The East Coast Canes?  What about a West Coast or Grey Coast Ghosts:  Grey Coast Ghosts. NHL Expansion Team for Seattle with Portland    West Coast Canes sounds nifty.  Men making waves where waves are technically even hurricanes, but typhoons.

Put plainly, I think it's nutso to not do Seattle or Portland before Sin City.  I know politics and business intersecting causes complication that can be at odds with romance realities, as with aethetics.  And Las Vegas is the king of a synthesized manufactured aesthetic.  Instead of hockey, the West Coast Clippers or even hockey's Coyotes should've been there (part-time/all season) to toe-tap the market.

I wish one of these leagues would do something innovative.  But I also understand the price games.  By now, shouldn't billionaires be footing the bill?  It's not like it's only a sugar daddy relationship with business and fandom.

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