Sunday, July 27, 2014

NFL for Portland, Las Vegas, SLC, Boise and Albuquerque. Then San Antonio and Austin. Just a Thought

Los Angeles should maybe just have the Raiders back.  Or the California Raiders could be housed in two camps, one SoCal, one in NorCal.  Perhaps existing Oakland and some new digs in L.A.

The Western Rams could play in the towns mentioned in the title, namely Portland and Las Vegas.  The Texas Cowboys are probably happy being called Dallas.  After all, it has a ring to it that has been echoed in our head.  And everywhere with maybe the exception of Buffalo, nobody cares for old school teams to be renamed the New York State Yankees.  But the Texas Cowboys playing for San Antonio and Austin outside the congregation's confines of Jerry Jones Cathedral would be nice.  I've blogmentioned before, something in between on I-35 like San Marcos for the Central Texas population hub.  Perhaps the Rams could dabble in El Paso or a Cowboys home game (AT LEAST SOME PRESEASON) could take place there.

So, some camp games or "home" games for the Rams could still be played in St. Louis.
I also thought that the West Coast Raiders in Porltand, Oakland, Vegas and L.A. wasn't a bad idea.
But anyway, one game a year in Utah, Idaho and New Mexico could leave some lackluster behind in the Gateway to the West city and bring NFL loyalty to more cities.

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