Saturday, October 18, 2014

The NFL North American Jets of Toronto and New York .... and more

The Toronto area has over 5.5 million people.  NYC has about twice that.

What kind of connotation does the name "Jets" carry?

Were I to be a league dictator, and if my dictatorial prowess wasn't permitted bringing the Raiders or Rams back to Los Angeles, I would surely share the Jets with L.A. for 4 football weekends.

Aside from L.A., the most gaping metropolis is Toronto.  Though, another coast to coast option would be Portland.  In my mind I've also toyed with the idea of Monterrey (New World Jets) and London (Atlantic Coast Jets) being a good landing for a share of the Jets.  Vancouver and Montreal wouldn't be bad either.  Mexico City would be in the running.

Out of all my thoughts, Los Angeles, without a franchise, at this point seems the most logical share between New York/New Jersey.  Some Coastal Jets.  Some bi-coastal jet-setter love for Atlantica and Pacifica.

My thoughts for when the league gets its ammonia dose and finally brings ball back to the city of Angels?:
Then the NFL could get bi-continental and stretch over the pond for 4 games.


Canada's biggest.

Monterrey, Mexico

The real Big Ben

And let's not whine about a 4 game loss for greater NYC.  The Giants are housed at that Meadowlands operation.  Share the love.

What do you think?  Gun to your head... . if you had to pick another port for the Jets team, where would it dock for 4 games out of the year?  If you're from New Mexico, are you feeling Albuquerque?

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