Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NFL in Alabama

Didn't Bear Bryant say something about Friday is for high school football,...Saturday for Roll Tide and Sunday for Church in Alabama?  Is that the way it works?

What about some tailgate churches on Sunday.
Jerry Jones isn't king of cathedrals.  What if tailgate services be held in God's omnipresent church of fresh air or stadium?

Alabama Elephants.  Could that be a team?  What about a south-named team?

As of 2012, all but 3 teams.
In other parts of my blog, I talked about how it would be neat to build a site in a place like Reform, Alabama so that there could be more of a pilgrimage trek on Sundays for Alabamans.  You rule king on Saturdays.  A 30 miles drive from Tuscaloosa or 80 miles from Birmingham could boost a fun-time economy somewhere else.  I have never been to Reform.  For me, it is more of a dart thrown at the map.  If you named your team "Southern", Mississippians would be willing to get in on the drive.

 Do you have any ideas while I try to figure more on this?

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