Thursday, August 14, 2014

Forget Florida. Go Mississippi in the NFL. Jackson? Jaguars

Could it work? 

The five county metropolitan area that comprises Mississippi's capital city (~500k) is around 330,000 less people than the population of the Jacksonville, Florida city itself (boasting about 1.3 million in the area).  That's Florida's largest city and the largest stretch of city limits within the contiguous United States.

Jackson is about 180 miles from New Orleans.  Cats v. Voodoo.  Tailgating in Mississippi has got to be something else compared to the 'ville.

A 62+ thousand seat football stadium already exists in the Mississippi town.

Mississippi Veterans Memorial, 65,000 fans as is.

A proposal for the future: ...... (FUTURE STADIUM????)

Since 2009 and some dismal attendance in Jacksonville, there has been chatter for a move to the likes of Los Angeles and London.  Why not keep the beast in the southeast.  SEC country is lacking NFL in the likes of Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.  Hmmmm, Birmingham is about 140 miles from Atlanta.  190 from Nashville.   Little Rock is 320 miles from Dallas and Nashville.  420 from KC.   290 miles from St. Louis.  Which city deserves it?

Did I commit sin, Jack?  Jack Sin?  Ville'ian?
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