Sunday, July 27, 2014

American City Jets. American Coast Jets. East Coast Jets. Shuffling Shake Up for the NFL and Maybe NFL London

New York is way more than a two horse town.  So is Los Angeles.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Los Angeles Jets.
Share both coasts and there's a new America's Team in town.
I wouldn't mind the Atlantic Ocean Jets playing in NYC and London.
I wouldn't mind seeing the East Coast Jets playing in the Meadowlands and in Jacksonville, freeing up the Jaguires place mark to be moved elsewhere, Canada or Portland.

For sanity's sake, I'd choose the American Coast Jets doing the whole Jersey, L.A. and or Portland thing.

What kind of portability is in the name Jets?  Especially with another Giant in town.  That pesky Giant name likes to be in real close proximity to other franchises in a bay area.

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