Saturday, September 13, 2014

Major League Baseball in Charlotte and Portland. And then Las Vegas and Nashville. No Expansion Team Necessary

No expansion teams but an expansion in the number of MLB cities.  4 to be generous.  

You take the Rays out of Tampa.
Do the same for the Athletics from Oakland.  At least in part.

You name the A's the West Coast A's.  You split time with Camp Stadiums in Portland and Las Vegas.

You put up some alluring 35,000 seat ballparks in Charlotte and Nashville.  You call them the Southern Rays.

Rebrand some teams to California Angels and Florida Marlins baseball.  MLB doesn't have to leave Oakland and Tampa altogether.  Two stadium per ball club.

Damn hard not to give a nod for Rays Baseball in Louisville or New Orleans for some ambiance.   Sorry to Sacramento, Salt Lake or Boise in the west.

When there's room for expansion you can have a breakaway and new brand for a city.

Any questions?

Construction of the Twins Ball Field.  Can you see a beauty designed on the infield of a racetrack in the south?

Minors in Charlotte

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