Saturday, April 12, 2014

MLB in Las Vegas

Some of the factors.

-Las Vegas is a blatant gambling town.

-Vegas is a resort town

I want to talk more on this.  I have to gather facts.  At earliest, I don't see it happening for twenty years.  I think baseball is weary of the retirement and resort population bases.  For instance, there are too many Yankees fans living in Tampa.  Many wonder if regular season baseball should be in Florida.

But anyway, I'd like to make this post more robust with solid data.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of Vegas chatter on a quick google search with regards to MLB.  Certainly there's a lot to be desired and that's why I want to consolidate some chatter on the blog.   I'd like to hear from more Vegas born-and-breds on this topic too.  Anyway, more to follow hopefully.

Transplant town?  D'Backs, Angels or Dodger town?  Too touristy?  Tourists have monetary advantages.  Imagine a Jerry Jones stadium's multi-use potential there.

I think we're likely to see one of the other in the Big 5 hit Vegas first.  I wouldn't mind seeing the A's to co-locate there. What about the NFL and the West Coast Rams or Raiders???  Yeah, but like I said, more to follow.

Article:  MLB in Montreal and Vegas

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Major League Baseball in Las Vegas 2015

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