Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NBA Travel Team. Route 66 NBA Club.

From Chicagoland to Southern California, one could imagine a NBA Travel Team.  It could essentially have camp games instead of the traditional home game concept.  Look at Route 66.  San Diego could use some basketball.  Maybe Albuquerque and Las Vegas.  Could even lump in Kansas City with St. Louis.  Stretch it out to Little Rock or even Louisville for some love, exhibition or regular season.  Try to justify what the imagination will allow.  I would like the Los Angeles Clippers (once San Diego's team) to change their name to the West Coast Clippers.  Inclusivity.  Some play in Seattle.  Many ways to do it.  Expanding the territory by name is one way to do it.  

Having a traveling team is another way to bring the league to more places.  In years down the road, attendance at one of the camp sites may be harder for the league to ignore if attendance figures beckon the need for a stand-alone team for the likes of Albuquerque or San Diego.

On the flip side, if a team like the Portland Trailblazers were having bad attendance at home, they could camp around America in the regular season and try to win some affection as "America's Team".  With revenue sharing these days the owners may be up for some 50/50 action on the pie if there was a game in Boise or Omaha.

Why can't we all have a team?  Something named "Western" or "Eastern" could cover it.

What could this regional team be called?
The Truckers?  Routers.  Road Warriors.  Bandits.  Mustangs.  Wolf Pack.  Ranchers.  Cruisers.  Marshals?

ClickNBA Travel Team for the National Road     ......for similar names that could be had.



Any thoughts?

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