Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Kansas City? The Arenas will be Ready

I'm no precise science official on the matter, though maybe one day I'll be some kind of aficionado.  And neither is the next link, but it has some good points.  Numbers 7,6 and 5 (Cinci, Pittsburgh and KC) all have NBA worthy nods of arenas.



Pictured: Area where the old Riverfront Stadium and Riverfront Coliseum were.

NBA and (part-time) NHL for Cincinnati in the future?

I think a Tri-State or Tri-City team of some sort works best with basketball.  A Tag-travel-team is a sure way to foot or toe-dip into markets that may be questionable.  A basketball UC and Xavier loving community like Cinci could do it, but three locations of pro-basketball love sharing said love would be a sure bet to me.

Look at the old Kansas City-Omaha Kings who played in Nebraska and Missouri (also St. Louis) after they were the Cincinnati Royals and before they became the Sacramento Kings.  Could such a schematic be in the NBA's future again to spread the love of many major-league-yet-NBA-absent cities?

Also check out blogerations where I've talked about the Clippers also playing in Seattle as the West Coast Clippers.
A New NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville. Tri-State

Sin City Flights. An innovative expansion or co-location/relocation for NBA or NHL

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