Saturday, October 17, 2015

Southlakes Panthers NHL Relocation and Rebrand. The Best Expansion

For the National Hockey League, Atlanta's attendance obviously wasn't the best.  They are no more.
Florida is pretty typical Florida:  little to no butts in seats.  Butts next to no butts.

But the two put together?

20 games each city?  Would that work for a southern embrace of ice hockey?  Absence making the heart grow fonder?

Go big or go home.  Or go camp.
I would even go as far as a rebrand in the south.  I'd call them the Fishermen.

Sure, the league wants a Florida market like a California market.  But why not a whole southern market with occasional ice time in the stretches of Little Rock, New Orleans and the like?  Rivalry with Carolina and Nashville would be sweet.

Really, I'm for a lot of moves with the Coyotes and Panthers.  Austin Coyotes sound good?  Texas Coyotes?  Share ice-time with OKC and call them Midlakes Coyotes?  The Pack (pact)  Ooohh, Omaha!  So many options.

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