Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cities with the Big 5 ...and the Next Ones

More properly, I should say "areas" with the Big 5.   I'm sure Oakland and San Francisco are different places, though right against each other.

NYC, LA and the Bay area have 2 baseball teams.  LA doesn't have one, let alone 2 football teams.  Just weird.  The Baltimore-D.C. metro area (Balwash) has 2 base and foot ones.
Chicago has two baseball teams.  I think they could sport another basketball team.  The Chicagoland Fleet.

With exception of L.A.'s lack of an NFL team, all five of these areas host the Big 5.
L.A. comes close to having more than one team for all the sports while New York City does.  The two most populated cities in America.

Boston, Dallas, Denver and Philadelphia round off the list with Big 5 cities, 9 in total.  It's just not that crisp number of ten because of Los Angeles.

It appears that Toronto stands poised for the NFL sometime, also.

Well, it's really 10 cities because Miami, just like NYC getting their second MLS team, is set to have one also.

Detroit, Arizona and Minnesota lack MLS.  Houston lacks the NHL.

But anyway, in a few years, it's certainly 10 Big Five cities.
Houston is in the top ten metro population wise and not one of these, as technically L.A. isn't either.

Houston for NHL.
Ditto for Arizona:  Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson
Any other honorable mentions?

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