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Ohio United. Or call it an Ohio Divided Team. Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex Major League Soccer

Ohio United.  Or call it an Ohio Divided Team.  Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex  NBA, NHL or MLS Team ??
United or Divided
The names obviously have more of a soccer MLS ring to it.  "Divided" especially with already a team in Columbus.

For any new MLS market, the name "Excited" sounds like some contemporary American word play.

Ohio has all of the Big 5 sports and it is uniquely spread to 3 of it's cities with the NHL and MLS being housed in the heart, the NBA nestled in the northeast along with the big two also securing the border on the southwest corner.
There could be thoughts of the NHL entering the Cleveland market or the NBA in Cinci, but obviously the balance is complicated with Columbus in the middle of it all.  The MLB isn't in C-bus.
It would be difficult to be called "United".

It would be unique to be called "Divided".
As far as big league Soccer, I am not ignorant of the absence of big market ball in Detroit or Indianapolis.  That's why I have given the thought before to placing a team perhaps in Toledo, Detroit and Indianapolis under the umbrella name of "Great Lakes United" or "Lakes Fleet of Feet",... you get the idea.
See:  Ohio Big 5 Experience: Cincinnati to Cleveland and through Columbus. NBA, NHL or MLS in Dayton or Toledo?

I think the MLS is already ready and poised for the NFL bighouses of Cleveland and Cincinnati.  "Ohio Divided" as an expansion team could work.  A dogpound/jungle cats and dogs alliance might be weird, but a game or two in the neglected corners of Ohio in the form of Athens and Toledo would be a good visit in idea or practice.

Ohio Divided might even be a thought for Columbus and Cincinnati versus Cleveland on the hardwood.

Ditto for Cinci-Cleveland in the NHL to Columbus.

Feasibility reguarding a NBA team for Cincinnati and Dayton combined is a thought.  Cinci-Dayton metro.
AKA Cincinnati-Dayton Corridor or Metroplex.
Some thoughts on some team names?
Cinci-Dayton United
CD, DC Metros
Ohio Divided
Queen City Sprawlers (suburban sprawl)

How about Cincinnati-Dayton Metroflex ?   ...'flex; not plex?
CD Metroflex.

Aeros          Cannons          Brigades          Grads          Natives          Flights          Wings

Pilots ?       Fleet?

? A Jets name in 3 of the five big sports?
? Two with Astros?

What do you think?

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