Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A good name for the newest Cincinnati team.

What is in a name?
Heritage.  Fun.  That's American.
I feel the kinkiness in Chicago names probably more accurately befit San Francisco in going with heritage.  But I suppose they chose their monikers for fun, all the same.

What is a Cincinnati Red?  They were Red Stockings and Redlegs.  So, some military uniform representation for American patriots as indicated by Boston baseball.  Is it patriotic?  The Reds were first.  Certainly it's not a reference to poor whites on an island as can be found on the internet.  Is being red mean Irish?  To an extent, yes, that would make sense.  Is it a reference to the city having the first paid fire department?  Imaginatively, yes, that sounds fine.  Commies?  Nah.  The team quite pointedly called itself the Redlegs to defer this connotation.  But anyway, I'm sure there is a Cincinnatian that's a patriotic sonovabitch who happens to love baseball and be a Cincinnati born firefighter of Irish decent worshipping the ghost of Joe Nuxhall somewhere

Off the top of my head we Cincinnatians have had or have some representation called Stingers, Silverbacks, Saints, Mighty Ducks, Cyclones, Mohawks, Commandos and Riverhawks outside of the Big Two play.
Yep, the Cincinnati Royals.

When the MLS ever pours into town, heritage-wise, I wouldn't mind some Cincinnati Redlegs.  Or Queen City United.  Or Queen City Excited.  Screw you, Charlotte.  The Queen City Crown.
Or Boatsman.
Or even a shared venue for the Crew, called the C-bus Express.  Ohio Railroad.
The Cincinnati Majors.  I like that.  The Cincinnati Masters.  Cheering section called the Racquet.
Cinci is a blue collared town too.
That would be a good nod to the region's past, like tennis and other pro venues.  And Revolutionary War spoils.  Business history:  Cincinnati Fortune Fives.  I wouldn't even mind taking my theme of shared team playing their home games in camp cities applying to a trial in the minor leagues.  I'd like to watch a soccer or basketball team called the Cincinnati-Baltimore Railroad.  It's patriotic giving a nod to the birthplace of the national anthem and the country's first inland and truly American city by birth and the notion of westward expansion in general.  Warbirds

Fortune Fives

I love me some wikipedia:  wiki/Sports_in_Cincinnati 

Queen City Highlanders

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