Friday, March 6, 2015

New NBA Team for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Louisville. Tri-State.

A consolidated NBA travel-tag-team representing these 3 cities in 3 different states could be called "Tri-State".  It could even be called "Tri-City".  The league has seen the Kansas City-Omaha Kings on the scene before.  What about the league toe-dipping in the likes of Missouri and Nebraska again with places like Louisville and other big places absent the NBA?  I talk about many combinations throughout my blog posts.  Personally,  I among many feel that Louisville is the most deserved nod for their own team in the east.

But carrying forth with my regional tag team, there's a list of good candidate names of alliteration, rhythm, rhyme and stuff like river connotations or connection for the "Tri-State" brand :

Tycoons  (better names for SA, OKC, Omaha?)
Spartans, Drifters, Pythons, Banshees, Rainmakers, Riverboats, Rivermen, LUMBERJACKS, the 'Jacks
Monarchs, Barons, Trifecta, TOP GUNS, Stampede, Settlers, Skulls, Sentinals, Flights, Troops, Norseman, Sluggers.  And on and on.

What do you think?  Ideas?  Names?
River City Reppers too wild?

Search some concepts on the internet, real (historical) and fake, like the pics shown.

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  1. i agree bring a team back to the burgh and call them either the PIPERS or CONDORS again