Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fantasy Expansion Example for Hometown

Stadium Concepts (ie. NYC)

Look at above link.  If being land-locked was an issue, consider a synthetic peninsula for a stadium or arena.

Let me pretend that there's a tax surplus and the locations and infrastructures are a viable option at this time.

Maybe there are some fellow Cincinnatians that remember pre-Great American Ball Park when there was the option out there for the Ball Park at Broadway Commons.   link

It was nestled at the bottom of dowtown Cincinnati's east hill, nestled just northeast of the central business district.  Instead of the brew pubs and other committed businesses there, there now lies a casino brand that reminds me of Colts Football.  Oh well.  Great American Corporation.  Hell, the football stadium should've been there since the vote didn't work out well.  But no, we hogged the river.
Ballpark at BC

Well then, let me do some other fantasizing for the future of Cincinnati sports and their location.  I'll take a look at where an NHL, MLS and NBA team could be placed.  With the Bengals possibly done with PBS by 2017, I could see the Bengals home getting lured across river.  I'll be damned if they become the Kentucky Bengals or the Southern Bengals, maybe even housed in Louisville, but it's sure a possibility.  Or the Cincinnati Bengals could have a NY-NJ'esque relationship with the Cowboy's type complex across the Ohio River.

In this fantasy I'm going to appreciate the leeway that fantasy can allow.  There could be a Cincinnati-Dayton metroplex housed NBA franchise called the Northbound Coasters (housed in Middletown off I-75 and hinting at the rollercoasters at Kings Island).  I would like to see a major renovation or rebuild on the site of Cincinnati Gardens.  It's more up north up Reading Road from where the Broadway Park would've straddled Reading.
Cousy and the Big O at Cincinnati Royals home court.
The Cincinnati Gardens is a nice spot pretty much dead center of the Cinci region proper.  2-3 road miles south of that is the vacant theater lot that could be a suitable site for a NHL hockey arena (if Riverfront corporate Coliseum  weren't redid).  For the MLS I would like the Cincinnati stadium to be put somewhere to spur economic development.  I wouldn't mind seeing it somewhere in the Cinci suburbs like by Jungle Jims in Fairfield or more towards West Chester nearer to Mason.  Maybe some open space more accessible to I-74 or River Road would be good.    That's where I stand today.   A NHL/NBA Sportsplex would be nestled at the top of the key at the underutilized Cincinnati Mills location.

So I could see MLB and NFL hugging downtown and the river while prosperity could be shared  with the heart of town for NHL, NBA and MLS.  Cincinnati could have many rehabs taken care of if there were great infrastructure fixes due to some kind of economic surpluses that makes blighted places look nicer.

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