Tuesday, September 9, 2014

State named teams. A Wider Geographic Home for the Big Leagues

By surnaming the team to a state name, a wider geographic swath for the team is claimed and one simply has more buy-in.  It ain't the Minneapolis Twin Citiers.  Or the Minni-St. Paul Twins.

As you can see by looking at all the big leagues, Minnesota has got it down.
But yeah, why in the hell wouldn't the California Angels just have kept their name?

In Baseball:
Minnesota Twins
Texas Rangers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Yankees?  I bet in many folks' minds, it is.  Buffalo, just build a stadium

California Angels
Florida Marlins

A question I ask:  Could the Rays leave Tampa for somewhere else?  Couldn't Miami change their fugly uniforms in and call it Florida again and split time between Miami and Tampa since their franchise's attendance sucks anyway?  I'd be for moving them to Carolina, with 60 games in Charlotte and 20 home-camp games in Columbia, South Car(e)'.

California A's in Anaheim and Sacramento???
Since an expansion in the number of teams just isn't a wise choice right now, can we not expand the MLB market with existing teams, just in more cities?  My pick would be to move the Athletics to Portland and Las Vegas, calling them the West Coast Athletics and having the California Angels split camp between Anaheim and Oakland, southern Cali and northern California.  And this can happen fairly soon.

Rangers baseball would be fun in Austin and Dallas metro.  Hell, if Austin built a 35,000 seat temple, I bet there would be some part time Texas Ranger and weekend Austin Astros action.

Get with it Cali, Florida and Texas!!!


Indiana Pacers
Minnesota Timberwolves
Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz

New Jersey Nets

A little Golden State time in San Diego sound good?


New England Patriots
*Houston (named after a city and a bunch of state people, the Texans)
Carolina (Two!!!  Who is next, Dakota?)

Florida Panthers
New Jersey

Carolina (Dakota's best chance would be NHL, if ever)
I'd be for freeing up another franchise, so let's share the Florida Lightning in Tampa and Miami.  Put the Northwest Coasters ("that used to be the Panthers") in Portland and Seattle.  Expand in Toronto 2 and back to Quebec.

The Crewser train of the C-Bus state of Ohio.  Ohio Crew in Cincinnati and Cleveland too.

There are no "states" for MLS, although a region is touted in New England.
Ohio Blue Jackets and the C-Bus would be my favorite.

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