Sunday, December 28, 2014

Brooklyn: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

And I'm only thinking one sport.  Duh nuh nuh nuh - nuh nuh, BASEBALL.

The market could hold it.  New York's two and Boston probably don't want it.  But the borough would!

How does this name sound?:  the Brooklyn Trollies, Trollyhoppers.  The Hopps.

The team could split time with Las Vegas.  Call them the "Jets" even.
I have thought of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Las Vegas before.

But yeah, anyway, Brooklyn.  Build a beauty of a ballpark with 35,000 seats in both locations.  It's an exciting thought.

Badass nostalgia.  Badass Americana.

Brooklyn/Vegas could be a Mean for central division alignment.  Or whatever.
Bump a team west in the American and National leagues.
The Royals or Twins could be west.  5 teams in each division is crisp right now.  I'd hate to be a pain again.  The Reds won the World Series but first they were the National League West Champs.

Another question I have:  Could the Brooklyn Hopps physically play at Jersey Ebbets Field?  Joysey.  Joisey.
It takes balls.  Bats and balls instead of Nets.  Mind blown.  Take the trolly.  Represent.

Did I say one sport?  Fibbed.  I wish NY sported the MLS team named the Brooklyn Ballers.

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