Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Coasts have the Most. California Emperors and Brooklyn Trollyhoppers.

Portland and Charlotte seem like places for new blood for more big league play.  They're on the coast.

NYC and California could hold more franchises for sure.
The populations that can sustain big league sports in their market are where there are multiple teams already.

California (Inland Empire) Emperors?  Harlem Brooklyn Trolly Hoppers?
The Inland Empire could hold more baseball, even with the Dodgers and Angels with teams playing ball about 30 and 60 miles away.  NYC could hold more.  It could probably do another one in the city and another across the way in New Jersey.  That's how much market is there.  But forget the Empire State.  Upstate Cali could also hold another team.  San Jose and Sacramento want the A's to move there.  The A's want a new stadium and it's not an easy proposition in Oakland or anywhere right now for that matter.  The California Coastal A's?

Some of the Skinny that's touched on in the articles is the talk of big college towns and maybe them caring too much more about football:  Columbus and Austin.

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