Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CFL Expansion: An Experimental Regional American Team

A Canadian Football League franchise based in two American cities could be playing their (home) camp games once a month.
Let me give you some examples.

West Coast Phantoms would play in Las Vegas and Portland (or an Oregon college stadium).  So, there would be one home game per month in each city.  Would it work better in the other legacy city of Sacramento?

The beauty of any of the examples I give is that stadiums don't have to be built.  CFL American teams could just lease existing college stadiums.

Would this work better than the first example?:  a Western Cattlemen brand in Austin or San Antonio and Las Vegas or OKC?  What about the Midland Cattledrive skipping Vegas and camping in Omaha?

Would something like a Southern Drive housed across the south do well?  I'm immediately thinking of the likes of Little Rock, Jackson (Miss.) and Birmingham.

The Ohio Brigades could have housing in plenty of places covering each corner from Athens to Toledo to Cleveland and Cinci with Columbus in between.

Midland Power from Omaha to OKC?  East Coasters in Hartford, Hampton Roads and Orlando could be a plan.  A Brooklyn based Trolly Dodgers club just evokes excitement in my mind.

I could see a standalone working well is the CFL in Louisville:
Kentucky Downs. The NFL in Louisville

Oklahoma City could work as well:  
Oklahoma Oilers in the NFL

I see this travel-tag-team regional team way as a toe-dipping way of doubling down, but as a safer gamble in market testing. 

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Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks

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Major League Baseball in Vancouver and Montreal. Make it one team. North Country Lumberjacks


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