Friday, February 12, 2016

Bootleggers United

Bootleggers United would make a helluva' brand.  The possibility of apparel for fisher and hunter country....well, yeah.  Imagine a new way for a franchise to call more than one town home.  Major League Soccer could have more camps instead of homes, even if only to flirt with markets

I'm sure more than a few folks would share in the brand and love to watch it in their town, especially anything within or in proximity to Appalachia.  I've blogged before about some kind of neato' Appalachia United Bootleggers brand, but now I want to float more camps into the geography.  Before Atlanta magnetized the MLS to its area, I considered it to be along with Nashville and Charlotte.  And I may have mentioned Knoxville or Chattanooga.  I believe the brand could even camp comfortably from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati.  Charleston, WV wouldn't be bad.  And Birmingham.  Think Little Rock.  The first year for the club could be a controlled chaos.

Twice a month Bootleggers United could call a place home/camp, one month in a place like Little Rock, and in two weeks later Charlotte or Raleigh.  This could be tried at all of the aforementioned locations over the course of two seasons to tighten up the decision on camps.  It's testing waters and seeing where it could work best.  Market analysis on where Bootlegger United items are bought up and the obvious indicator of where seats are quickly filled, televisions are glued to, are measures that can be monitored to do so.
Others names for a regional southern brand I have considered are Southlakes Fisherman (hockey) and a Hunters brand.
Do you have any ideas?

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