Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Obvious Choices for No More Big League Teams, Part II

Essentially, here's the list:   

New York, Chicago, and finally (again) Los Angeles.  They like to double up.
                                                             and now Minnesota
                                                                                                      Bay Area (Oakland, SF)
And look at the five areas that have two baseball teams.  These areas are large.  Having 2 baseball teams, in just a matter of an afternoon drive apart, is a big deal.  Baseball takes about a billion bucks in market.  All the others sports are less than half of that.  Those areas of twice the baseball are NYC, LA, Chicago, the Bay area and the D.C. area.

That's eleven areas and once upon a time and on the fence again is the capital of the south, Atlanta.   In the ballpark of closeness was St. Louis.  Times change.  Long ago, when IT was to be in the Big 3, my Cincinnati was a part of it.   

But with these areas listed, it's not to say that the likes of Baltimore, Oakland or San Fran, and the squeeze that is New Jersey (in between Philadelphia and NYC), won't come up with another club in fifty years.  In the future, Baltimore and New Jersey could have a squad in the NBA againAnd we can envision more basketball, football or hockey in Chicago, though it likely won't be for a long time.

Part 1: The Obvious Choices for No More Big League Teams

So, which city is next for a second (or third) team?  For baseball, I would bet the crowded area of New Jersey if I had to pick.  But I could see Chicago getting more NBA before another NHL one.  Dallas could creep in more baseball, but new turf will have to be covered first, so any of this isn't going to happen anytime soon, maybe....probably not in our life time.  There is seemingly four cities at least in line in each league.

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