Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Minnesota. The State Claimed by All Teams in Name

and FC United

Minnesota is the only state in the Big 3, 4 or 5 that makes such a large claim.  Technically, someone could pull out "New York" on me, but that's just technically.

Regionally, four of the big five sports have a tag.  Carolina's encompassed claim is in the NHL and NFL.  Golden State is in the NBA, and New England has NFL and MLS turf.  Only Major League Baseball is left to get on board.  And there are two existing choices of franchise to make it work if they wanted.  Tampa has good television rankings (seemingly the most important factor) but poor attendance (and too many Yankee transports).  Oakland "needs" a new ballpark or maybe "or-else".

I think the Rays or A's could become a West Coast or East Coast share.  I'm for the West Coast Athletics to part-time in another place.  Las Vegas seems to have the perfect temperament for that.  Or choose Portland, Sacramento (California A's), Inland Empire or even Vancouver.  East Coast Rays could be Charlotte or Montreal.  My main preference would be for the Florida Marlins to tag between the two current MLB cities, freeing up the Rays for some tag-team combination between Nashville, Charlotte and Montreal.  But anyway.

A regional name to match the prowess of a regional sports network is a nifty idea.

Carolina, New England and some California does it right.  Minnesota does it right.

Have any sports relocation, expansion or co-location ideas?

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