Monday, February 1, 2016

NHL was in Tennessee before MLB

And how does that make you feel?
America's pastime. 

If I was giving much thought to hockey as an Ohio teenager, I would've surely thought that the likes of Indianapolis and Cleveland would've had hockey before Nashville, and honestly even Columbus.  And Portland and Seattle or even Milwaukee.  But I must also say, I'm surprised it didn't all work out in Atlanta but seems to be doing it's thing quite well in Music City.

I bitch about Arizona and the possibility of more hockey in the dry heat of Las Vegas, but a team like Tampa landing the Cup with their Lightning sealed the deal.  Even though the Panthers of Florida were born and made a Stanley appearance in the same decade, I'm still lumping their continued far south stay with the likes of lackluster greater Phoenix.

Hell, New Orleans must be next or something or other!!!  But likely Austin, I'd say.  Forget Houston.
You don't have to be lonely, @pro
And even Salt Lake City.  Maybe even Boise before New Orleans.  And those Houston boys:  they can drive and pay respect to their state capitol if they want to catch the NHL.  In Ohio, I have to.  And we have about the amount of big league towns as Texas.

Buy yeah, I have a few mentionable' neglected cities in the NHL department.

What do you think about any or all of this?
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